Teething Biscuits

This is one of those recipes I return to on repeat over the months, every time sore gums attack, and one of the all-time favourites from my Instagram feed. Shop-bought teething biscuits are often based on refined flour that's lost a lot of its nutrition-load during processing. Some are chemically-fortified, and a one or two of the big brands contain quite a bit of refined sugar...not ideal to expose brand new teeth to sugar from day one. 

Here's a tried-and-tested homemade teething biscuit that YG mamas all over the world have tried and loved. They're tough enough to stand up to some serious drooly numming, but not so hard that they'll damage sore gums. Best of all, this recipe is fast, easy, and costs pennies. 

Whizz a teacup of uncooked porridge oats in blender for a few seconds until you have fine flour. Mash one regular-sized ripe banana very smoothly and mix the two together with a fork or clean hands. It will feel like you need more liquid in your dough, but stay strong. A firm dough will come together just as you're giving up hope. If you'd like to add some extra flavour, finely-grate in half-cm of fresh ginger or the zest of half a lemon. Both are interesting flavours for the babe to explore. Now, using clean and wet hands, form shapes you think your baby will like. Or roll your dough out and cut it up into triangles/sticks/discs. You should yield around 15 biscuits from this amount of mixture. arrange on a greased baking sheet and bake at 180c/350f for 12-15 mins until firm and just beginning to go golden. The biscuits will become even crispier as they cool, and will keep safely for a week in an airtight jar in the fridge.