superbaby chia jam

Jam. For babies.


This multi-purpose two-ingredient raw jam is packed with nutrients and beyond easy to make. With no refined sugars or artificial preservatives, it's a sweet little addition to all sorts of baby meals and snacks. It takes less than a minute to prep and will keep for 5 days in the fridge.
The hero ingredient is chia seeds...widely consumed in South American countries for generations these tiny, taste-free & easily-digested seeds are heavy on fibre, calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. And they're one of the richest plant based sources of brain-function-supporting omega3 fatty acids (also found in oily fish). Strawberries are heavy on vitamin C, and contain traces of rare minerals like copper. Plus they taste of sunshine.

- One punnet of strawberries (150-200g)
- Two tbsp chia seeds
That's it. 
Optional: a squeeze of lemon (perhaps not if you have an eczema or reflux baby...the citric acid can exacerbate these conditions); half tsp pure vanilla extract.

Tip clean, hulled strawberries into your blender. Whizz until smooth then pour into an old glass jar that has a lid (this is an old nut butter jar I put through the dishwasher). Stir in two tablespoons of chia seeds. Add vanilla or lemon if using. Lid on and into the fridge for six hours/overnight. The seeds will absorb liquid from the fruit pulp and swell to form a naturally-sweet soft-set jam that's dafe from the very start of weaning. 
Swirl into greek yoghurt. Use as a dip to dunk fresh fruit sticks. Or as a pancake topping. Drizzle over my one-ingredient soft-serve ice cream. Add to porridge.