Welcome to younggums.com


After nearly a year of sharing and chatting with 10,000 of you on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, I thought it was about time I built YG a proper home. Welcome to younggums.com.

It’s new, and will continue to evolve and improve. But I hope you enjoy having a little poke around in the recipes section.

I’ve made them all shareable so if you see one you like, ping it to yourself or even better, show a friend you love them by tucking a surprise little recipe into their inbox. 

This part of the site is where I’m going to be sharing blog posts – bits and bobs that don’t fit into a square. Instagram’s still the heart Young Gums, where you’ll find me day in, day out. But it’s nice to have a place of our own to hang out, isn’t it?

All my blog posts will be shareable and comment-able on, so please let me know what you think. There are now loads of ways to get in touch with me so please do. I love nothing more than meeting other new parents, near or far.

My first proper blog post is going to be about something a bit personal to me – a big life change I’m embarking on this week. After that I’ll get back to the food…baby recipes, thoughts on infant nutrition, family sharing dishes, ingredients and equipment I love, what’s in season, where I’m going and who I’m meeting. 

Thank you for reading this and thank you for being part of the Young Gums community. 

Beth x