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Anyone who has tried to put a meal on the table for a hungry baby will know...it's sometimes (often) kind of (100%) impossible to have them sit patiently while you dart about the kitchen grabbing the bib, spoon, and bowl while heating something up, slicing something else, filling a water cup and washing everyone's hands. 

And that's before you throw *a recipe* into the mix. 

So I started developing simple, healthy, interesting recipes so easy you can prepare the entire dish (or very nearly) with just one hand...while holding the hungry baby in the other. Even if you have zero cooking skills. Or have had zero sleep. 

When you're #OneHandCooking, even if your babe is r e a l l y letting you know it's TIME TO EAT, at least they're getting a hug while you're getting their meal ready. And hey get to watch! Plus your ears get a rest. Win. 

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