5 best natural skincare products for babies (and their mothers)


If you're into simple, natural family food, I'm guessing you're into simple, natural baby/child skincare, too. 

There's such a media debate bubbling about lately concerning a group of query-harmful ingredients found in some of the big mainstream brands' baby skincare products (this article sums things up pretty well), and the message to new parents seems to be...like with baby food...shop around, and read the labels. 

Shopping around is time-consuming so I thought I'd give you a hand. Over the past few months I've tried lots of organic, natural baby skincare brands, some I loved, some I wanted to love. Here are my top five baby/family skincare products from brands that are organic, sustainable and natural. There's a shampoo/bath product, a soap, a nappy cream, a suncream and an all-purpose natural wonder balm. All bases covered! These products are a bit more expensive than some of the mainstream brands but they're good quality and last for ages. All are easy to find in major retailers - I order most of mine online with the food shop. I've linked to the products here but none of these are ads or affiliate links. I just really love these products and think you might too. 

In no particular order:

1. Burt's Bees Buttermilk Baby Soap - an American brand you've probably encountered many times, but did you know they have a special baby range that contains no petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and never tested on animals? Their 'Baby Bee' (Baby B!) range is extensive but my favourite product is the Buttermilk Baby Soap, made with natural beeswax. It's expensive but so gentle (even B's slightly eczema-prone skin) and non-drying. Used heavily in our house for mum/dad hands after all those nappy changesFind it here: £4.99 at John Lewis.

2. Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream - this 50-year-old brand consults with experienced midwives to continually improve their baby range, which has several stand-out, award-winning products. My favourite product is the Calendula Nappy Cream, which is based on the naturally anti-inflammatory marigold flower, plus skin-soothing zinc oxide and lanolin. It can be used to prevent and treat sore bums, and smells less medicinal than some of the other options while in my experience, working just as hard. Find it here: £5.25 at Amazon.co.uk (check out the 5* reviews). 

3. Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Skin Wash - this was what I put in Baby B's first ever bath and the smell transports me back to that hormonal fug of love and exhaustion. These guys also make lovely 100% natural skin oils that are great for dry-skinned babes or eczema babies, and everything's made in Britain. The lavender fragrance is reckoned to calm the babe before bedtime, too. Win. Find it here: £5.50 at Boots.com (currently buy one, get one half-price).

4. Kokoso Coconut Oil - I had a pot of this ready and waiting before my baby even arrived. Organic, raw and cold-pressed with no additives or fragrances, you can practically eat it. The range has since expanded into cleansing products and luxurious creams, but I still love the original simple coconut oil. Brilliant for stretch-marks too (anyone else get them after their baby arrived??). Don't take my word for it - check out the number of 5-star reviews this award-winning product gets from new parents. Find it here: £7.49 at Boots.com.

See founder Lauren's post here on 12 uses for her coconut oil in your baby's first 12 months: https://kokoso.co.uk/blog-1/kokoso-baby-coconut-oil-12-uses-for-12-months 

5. Green People Organic Baby Sun Cream SPF30. Non-sticky, water-resistant and fragrance-free, this cream's a winner for any babies with sensitive skin or issues like eczema. I'll be taking a tube of this with us to Ibiza next week. Currently discounted at Ocado: Find it here

And one emerging skincare brand I'm excited about:

Kit & Kin. You might know if this biodegradable (and CUTE) nappy subscription service founded by Emma Bunton. Having spent so many years as Baby Spice, she should know about all things baby-related. She's of course also a mum herself. Her brand's currently expanding to include beautiful, stylish and all-natural skincare for babies and their mums. Some of the products are already available HERE, and the rest are en route. 

What do you use for your baby? Have you tried any of these products...and are there other lovely brands I'm missing out on??