Health Blogger of the Year nomination. Vote for YG!


What a lovely surprise. I've been shortlisted as HEALTH BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at the global Health Blogger Community annual awards that will happen this September in London.

This is the overall award that sits alongside lots of specific expert category awards. It's made up of the judges' personal selections of bloggers and Instagram-ers they feel stand out from the crowd. And I'm in the final three!

I think it's really cool that they've highlighted a baby/family/mum-focussed blog. Most of the bloggers cover a wider spectrum of health/wellness/food/fitness than I do at YG. We're all about the babies and the baby-mamas yo! 

If you'd like to, you can help the judges make up their minds by voting for YG in the HBOTY category here.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my Birkenstocks for your help.


Here are the judges:

Annie at @mind_body_bowl (I took one of her yoga classes recently and she is just as dreamy as you'd expect)

@CarlyRowena (mum-gun inspo all day long. A smart and strong woman with a very balanced attitude to fitness and wellness. Also likes a LOL). 

@rhitrition (highly educated academic with a nutrition practice on Harley Street...slash writer slash creative cook slash rockstar-at-lfe)

@doctors_kitchen (book author/mega YouTuber/hot doctor who's all about food as medicine. Nuff said). 

@naturalbornfeeder (megastar food author and smoking hot fitness guru with the BEST HAIR)

@1rebeccapearson (superstar supermodel and wellness expert with ethics, activist leanings, my kind of woman).