Another interview for global trend forecasters, The Future Laboratory: MILLENNIAL PARENTING and food

Ahead of the launch of the YG cookbook later this month, I was asked to write an opinion piece on Millennial parenting and food for leading global trend forecaster, The Future Laboratory. The last piece I wrote for them (on whether women change when they become mothers) was the most-read story of the month, so if you liked that one, here's the next in my series of writings on aspects of modern motherhood: modern parenting and food.

Young Gums x Little Liberty: a sell-out coffee morning at Liberty London

To celebrate the relaunch of Liberty London's fresh new kids' department, LITTLE LIBERTY, I hosted a sell-out coffee morning at the store, catered by The Detox Kitchen. I talked about modern, healthy baby weaning and creative home cooking to forty new mums and their babies. Part of Project Reset, Liberty London's health and wellness season, it took place alongside Hip + HealthyFrame, and heaps of iconic health and wellness speakers. 



Anyone who has tried to put a meal on the table for a hungry baby will's sometimes (often) kind of (100%) impossible to have them sit patiently while you dart about the kitchen grabbing the bib, spoon, and bowl while heating something up, slicing something else, filling a water cup and washing everyone's hands.