baby pho noodle bowl

"Fuuuu". "Fuu" What's that, Baby B? 
You fancy some of those vibey Viet soup noodles even though you've got no teeth or fine motor skills?
PHO-k! 🍜
Pho noodles are everywhere I look at the moment. Some days I can barely push the pram through the noodle-lined streets of East London, and last week B was mesmerised to sleep watching a Vietnamese chef winding miles and miles of homemade pho in the railway arch noodle bar near our house.

Well, cool babies should not miss out on important dishes just because they're little. I've made my position clear on that, haven't I, mamas? 

So let's do this. 

The basis of a good Pho bowl is the broth. Indeed some noodle bars keep their broth recipes a closely-guarded secret. Not me. I start with my Baby Friendly Bone Broth (or salt-free powdered stock/bouillon - try the Marigold brand). Broth is mineral-rich and provides proteins that aid the baby's digestive system. The vegetables provide vitamins C and A, plus dietary fibre and slow-release carb for sustained energy. The ginger and garlic bring a host of essential minerals and environmental-damage-fighting antioxidants (they're seen as deeply health-giving in various ancient food cultures). And the buckwheat is back! Buckwheat noodles are super nutritious. These noodles are a pretty good protein source (about 14g/100g) but dial up the nutrition load in this dish by adding some flaked salmon, shredded chicken, or finely-chopped hard-boiled egg.

Bring a mug-full to a simmer in a small pan with a slice of fresh ginger and half a squished garlic clove. Your veggies and noodles will cook in this liquid, absorbing the flavour. Add a grated half-carrot, three grated raw mushrooms, and a few mini broccoli trees. Bring back to a simmer and allow the veg to soften before adding half a stick of noodles, snapped in half. If you're adding fish or chicken, simmer-cook it now along with the noodles. 
Serve your pho bowl straight-up or pass it through the blender and serve by spoon with a few noodles on the side to play with (throw!). ✌️🍜