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Buildable Baby Frittatas

Baby-sized frittatas (baked omelettes) are a brilliant, easy way to introduce your baby to the wonder of egg. Just about the slickest, smartest, most versatile and best value food on the planet, Mama Nature must have having a good day the day she dreamt up the humble egg.
Complete protein, essential minerals and vitamins in combinations you don't find anywhere else, good fats.

The combinations are endless with this recipe. Any vegetable is good. Pre-steam things like broccoli and sweet potato but things like spinach, courgette, tomato can be used raw as they will cook gently in the oven along with the egg. Herbs are great - a pinch of just about any dried or fresh herb brings an interesting flavour for the mini tastebuds. And protein-wise, anything goes, from chickpeas to cheese to canned fish to cooked meats. 

Whisk one egg in a small jug with a splash of baby's usual milk. If you have the baby on your hip, rest your jug on a folded tea-towel to prevent it from moving as you stir. Add any herbs and divide mixture across a mini muffin tin (non-stick ideally so you don't have to pre-grease it). Fill each section only half-way up so you have space for your additions. Now submerge small pieces of vegetable and protein into the egg mixture, creating any combinations you like. One tray could be a mix of salmon and grated courgette; tuna, spinach and cheddar; pea and ham; and squished chickpeas with diced tomato. Bake your frittatas for 180c/350f for ten minutes then remove and allow to cool (checking that the egg is thoroughly cooked by inserting a metal fork or skewer into one of the frittatas and ensuring that comes out clean). Serve your babe up a couple of frittatas with a side of smashed avocado, and stash the rest in a sealed container in the fridge for use as anytime baby snackettes. They will keep for three days.